Which Elements Make for a Great Homepage?

When you have a killer idea for a new service or product, all you need is the ideal website to bring it to life.  It should illustrate what you have on offer simply and capture the essence of your business, in a way that people can understand the world over.  Sounds great, but how does that all come together in practice?

First impressions always count

Web designers know that your homepage will create a lasting impression on visitors.  It’s the first connection they have with your brand story, so they will give it a professional edge and clear direction, along with a welcoming atmosphere.

A planned marketing strategy

Any website starts out as a clean slate that is elaborated on using a clear marketing strategy.  So, think about what you want from this future website and what you’d consider to be a success.  Is it all about brand exposure, or do you want to generate leads or subscribers?  If you define your target market and understand how to make them convert, a web designer can ensure your homepage is built in line with those objectives.

Segment your visitors
You’ll be visited by a number of different people, but if you can divide them into segments it’s easier to market to them on a more individual level.  From parents, to millennials, returning visitors and first time customers, once you’ve divided your audience into groups you can focussed on the individual needs of each.   This ensures the homepage is working for every type of visitor you anticipate, and catering for their unique needs properly.

Include a bold image

The online world is a highly visual one, people have different reactions to graphics than they do to the written word alone.  This means the image on your homepage is important, it needs to embody what your brand stands for and represent the essence of your business.  Use a photograph that’s inspiring and intriguing enough to leave people wanting to learn more.

Keep the content fresh

Once everything is up and running, the next objective is to keep your visitors informed with regularly updated content.  On the homepage this doesn’t need to be highly detailed, as you can do that elsewhere on the site.  Instead, use a small bio and a few news items to show that you remain a reliable source of information, and the website is current.

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