Five classic web design trends that will never date

Trends come and go, with certain colours, layouts and fonts becoming more or less popular with each passing year.  But if you don’t want to have your site redesigned on a regular basis which styles could ensure your online image never dates?

Keep it simple

You may have pages of information that you want to share with visitors, but pushing it all out at the same time won’t get the job done.  The Amazon homepage is a great example of information overload and this kind of approach can often confuse people who drop by.  You can start with addressing the most important reason for visiting your site, then lead visitors around from there.  Just keep their path clear and free from clutter.

Intuitive design

Good web design can anticipate the ways in which your users will explore the site, and make it easy for them to find the information they need.  Icons should clearly represent what they will lead to if clicked on, so your users feel comfortable interacting with the site, rather than frustrated.  To get the ball rolling, talk to your designer about the type of visitor you anticipate and the smoothest paths to conversion.

Text that’s easy to read

Let’s face it, we all skim read when we’re in a hurry and it’s rare that we get to the bottom of a web page.  That means you’ll need to include plenty of interesting copy to keep your users entertained and cut out any jargon or technical terms which laypeople might not fully understand.  You could also use subheadings and images to break up chunks of text and make them more accessible for readers.  This isn’t an essay, it’s supposed to be engaging for all levels of reader, so make your point, then move on.

Get each element some breathing space

Sometimes considered a bad idea, areas of unused space on a webpage can actually be a helpful design technique.  Elements that have room to breathe can appear more vibrant and striking to visitors, as these will catch their eye immediately, rather than having to compete with copious amounts of other information that’s been crammed in nearby.

Invest in great photographs

Even the best designed websites will be less appealing if they are studded with poor quality images.  iPhones have made us all feel like photography experts, but if you use a professional service you’ll notice the difference and so will your visitors.

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