Use a font that makes your logo shine

If you’re managing a start-up or an established small business, you’ll be aware of how important it is to choose the right logos and fonts for your company.   Web designers can help you to control your brand’s appearance online, and ensure that the personality which shines through on your website, is one you feel happy with.

Choosing a font
Typography is one of the most important elements in web design, it communicates the name of your business, but also imbues it with character.  Companies regularly report a link between the type of fonts used on their website and profits.  After a redesign of their traditional font in 2000, White Mountain Footwear saw their investment paid off with an impressive 20% increase in sales.  This was described by a company spokesperson as “nothing short of miraculous”.  So which fonts could make the difference to your revenue?

Serif fonts

These are the Times New Roman, newspaper print, academic style fonts.  They tend to work best for traditional businesses, which want to appear professional and serious about what they do.  Serif makes individual letters distinct, so our brains spend less time trying to identify letters and we can read the text faster.  Serif lends itself well to being paired with other fonts, as it makes for a great header or caption.

Sans serifs

These are the trendier, younger versions of serif, like Futura, Optima and Helvetica. They are favoured by lifestyle blogs and tech firms.  Sans serif looks clean, fresh and new, but because it’s so easy to read, it also gets the job done.  These many plus points mean it has become an increasing popular choice.  Therefore,  the problem can come in using this font to produce a logo which marks your company out from the rest.

Script fonts
This type of font packs a visual punch, think Apple Chancery, Brush Script and Mistral .  It’s a great choice for firms with an artistic or creative service or product to offer, but be mindful of readability.  Some script fonts can be intricate and elongated, making them difficult to understand for some users.  You can get around this by factoring in extra space on the page for the logo.  Many designers try to avoid font pairing when it comes to script, as their unique appearance makes them difficult to blend with another typeface.


As web designers and business owners, we’re compelled to spend time carefully choosing a font.  However, it’s worth remembering that the best font is one that the reader doesn’t notice, because they’re too busy concentrating on the message.

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